Confidential + Voluntary + Controlled + Neutral = Mutually Acceptable Agreements

Personal Disputes Pricing and Terms

Flat Fee Service:

 Document Analysis, Inventory Preparation and Budget Worksheet

 Consultation with each spouse separately – 1 hour per side in separate meetings 

 Phone calls and emails as necessary between the parties, other consulting experts, and attorneys

 Mediation session between the parties for estate division (4 Hours) 

 Mediation session between the parties for parenting plan (4 Hours) 

 Write-up of Settlement Agreement including estate division and parenting plan 

Scope of Work:  The flat fee noted above includes the following:

a. Initial meeting, 60-90 min

b. Individual meetings with each party, 60 minutes

c. Document gathering and organization

d. Data Entry and Analysis, up to 10 hours

e. Negotiation Meeting, up to 4 hours

f. Final Negotiation Meeting if necessary, up to 4 hours

g. Email and telephone correspondence, up to 3 hours

Flat Rate Fee Schedule: 

 $1,500 - Flat Rate for Estates under $100,000

 $2,500 - Flat Rate for Estates between $100,001 – $500,000

 $3,500 - Flat Rate for Estates between $250,001 – $500,000

 $4,500 - Flat Rate for Estates between $500,001 – $1 Million

 $6,000 - Flat Rate for Estates between $1.01 Million – $3 Million 

 $10,500 - Flat Rate for Estates between $5.01 Million– $10 Million

 TBD - Flat Rate for Estates over $10 Million

Additional Charges:      

 $2,500 Each - Businesses Owned with revenues over $50,000

 $1,500 Each - Investment Real Estate

 $1,350 - Separate Property Tracing (up to 6 hours)

 $1,350 - Forensic Work (hidden assets, up to 6 hours)


□ Check here for Financial Neutral: Any documents and information provided by one spouse may be shared with the other spouse. 

□ Check here for Financial Advocate:  All client provided documents will remain confidential.

Hourly Fee Schedule: 

If further work including time in the mediation session, estate review, separate property tracing or other financial analysis is required, they shall be billed at an hourly rate as set forth below:

●  $350.00 per hour

Obligation to Provide Accurate Data: 

You must agree to provide accurate, reliable and complete financial statements and information. 

Independent Legal Advice: 

Robinson Mediation provides supporting financial information and evaluations to be utilized by the client(s) and the client’s selected divorce lawyer. Additionally, all work is deemed confidential, and subject to all applicable privileges and work product productions.

Robinson Mediation is NOT A LEGAL FIRM AND DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE. All information provided is financial and mediation related in nature and should not be construed or relied upon as legal [or tax] advice. Individuals seeking legal [or tax] advice should solicit the counsel of competent legal [or tax] professionals knowledgeable about the divorce laws in their own geographical areas.