Confidential + Voluntary + Controlled + Neutral = Mutually Acceptable Agreements

Ways to stay out of court in Family Law



Many couples can talk to each even if they are separating. A couple may want to talk about many of the issues in an informal situation. I provide eBooks and Worksheets to help you decide on many issues so your legal fees are spent with your attorney on the very important issues. Those issues are different for each family. 



If you still have issues that you need to discuss with a 3rd-party, mediation is a good process for many families. It usually costs less than litigation and can prevent many of the emotionally draining aspects of divorce or separation, because the family is deciding it and not the Judge or legal system. An attorney is still very useful in this process.



If your family's situation needs a complex multi-step process with the assistance of attorneys and keeping everything still private, collaborative law could be the best option. This is similar to mediation, but both parties must have attorneys along with a financial professional and a mental health professional to guide the process.