Confidential + Voluntary + Controlled + Neutral = Mutually Acceptable Agreements

Steps of Business Mediation


1. Preliminary Meeting

We will meet together in a preliminary meeting to decide if mediation will work for your business at this time. When a business dissolves or is deciding to close there are many emotions and uncertainties. In this meeting, I will provide a detailed map of the mediation process. I will ask questions to see if both parties will benefit by the mediation process. We will discuss if your attorneys will be part of all the steps, only if needed, or only at the end.

2. Gather Information

Once hired, I will give everyone access to the Secured Portal to provide financial information along with several worksheets to complete and a business dissolution plan worksheet with various options.  

3. Financial Spreadsheets and Budgets

I will create an asset and liability spreadsheet along with several proposed plans. Mediation only works if all parties are truthful and produce everything needed from your . 

4. Individual Meetings

I will meet with each of you individually to review your worksheets, the financial spreadsheets, post-dissolution budgets, and dissolution plans. You will come up with a list of issues to address at the Joint Negotiation Session and, hopefully, will talk to your partner about these issues before the next session. These meetings can be held right before the Joint Negotiation Session. If there are many issues, we may decide to have many specific Joint Negotiation Sessions to cover each issue. 

5. Joint Negotiation Session

I will meet with both of you to identify any remaining problems to generate options with the goal of reaching an agreement detailing your financial division and other dissolution plan. You and your partner will create and sign a document either named a "Settlement of Meetings" or a "Mediated Settlement Agreement." 

6. Complete the legal process

You will take the "Settlement of Meetings" or "Mediated Settlement Agreement" to a business law attorney to complete the legal process. 

Ways to stay out of court



Many couples can talk to each even if they are separating. A couple may want to talk about many of the issues in an informal situation. I provide eBooks and Worksheets to help you decide on many issues so your legal fees are spent with your attorney on the very important issues. Those issues are different for each family. 



If you still have issues that you need to discuss with a 3rd-party, mediation is a good process for many families. It usually costs less than litigation and can prevent many of the emotionally draining aspects of divorce or separation, because the family is deciding it and not the Judge or legal system. An attorney is still very useful in this process.



If your family's situation needs a complex multi-step process with the assistance of attorneys and keeping everything still private, collaborative law could be the best option. This is similar to mediation, but both parties must have attorneys along with a financial professional and a mental health professional to guide the process.